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Mothers of Black Sons Standing Against Death

VISION: To decrease the homicide rate of Black males and unite Mothers of Black Sons who have been murdered in America.

MISSION: To create awareness regarding the homicidal epidemic responsible for the number one cause of death for Black males ages 1 - 44.

CORE VALUES: Facts + Truth + Knowledge + Awareness + Strategic Action = SOLUTIONS

This Black Male Homicide epidemic rarely garners attention unless the killer or the victim murdered is a prominent rapper or student or professional athlete… otherwise, 24 hours later, you hear crickets. After visiting with numerous mothers who have lost sons, it became evident to me that their pain needed to be put into use just as was done with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). As a result, under the founding leadership of Yolanda Harrison and Elizabeth Jones who both lost their sons to gun violence, Mothers of Black Sons - Standing Against Death (MOBS - SAD) was launched in February of 2023.




MOBS - SAD is a grassroots organization sounding the alarm and raising public awareness surrounding the public health issues associated with homicide associated with gun violence. The Mothers impressed upon me that when Black males' lives are lost at the hands of different races and the police, the media covers those homicides with a greater intensity. This is rarely the case when Black males kill one another.


Therefore, the MOBS-SAD organization will provide a platform to sound the alarm and re-shape the narrative regarding the epidemic of Black male homicides in the African American communities. Please consider joining our efforts and help bring this darkness to light and make America safer for all. If you know of a Mother who has lost a son, please direct them to our site to join our team.

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